• SNEAKERS + xin. canvas sneakers + black

    COAT + xin. maxwell coat + toffee


    HAIR + { Speakeasy } Aiden Hair

    SCARF + *chronokit* Scarf01 Check White&Black

    JEANS + SPIRIT - Elysha ripped jeans

    POSE + 3M_go1_m_002

  • HAIR + *Dura-B&G*64M HAIR - MIX TWO COLORS -base:black


    GLASSES + * SORGO - LESHO Shades / BLACK (G) x'mas gg

    COAT + Kauna - XIV Leather Overcoat: Black

    KNIT + [Deadwool] Ernst sweater - cerulean

  • SNOWMOBIL + [tmk] V.S.M (T.madness) RARE

    GIFTBOXES/CUP + {vespertine}-BOXES/cup of your tea

    BOOTS + xin. nile leather boots + toffee

    Santa's Lost and Found :P

  • HAIR + +elua+ Gemma

    POSE + [addme.] Pose#056 (posepack)

  • HAIR + *Dura-B&G*64W HAIR
     - MIX TWO COLORS -base:champagne b

    JUMPSUIT + -Pixicat- Chic.Jumpsuit

  • HAIR + *Dura* x'mas group hunt-(Wood Bark)

    COAT + xin. maxwell coat + grey

  • DECOR + xin + clavv / winter picnic gacha

    winter rendezvous bench + RARE
    winter tree + RARE
    winter tree w/ lanterns + RARE

    bread bowl
    chocolate roulade
    blanket crate
    bread biscuits
    cinnamon roll
    hot chocolate
    hot cinnamon apple smoothie
    ice lantern candle
    picnic basket
    side table
    winter picnic chair
    winter picnic table

  • HANDPOSE + [addme.] * Merry Christmas * 2015

    DECOR + {vespertine}- december15  group gift

    messy lights in box
    starry fairylights in opened deco box
    starry fairylights closed deco box
    starry fairylights window /warm gold
    starry fairylights hanging / copper
    starry fairylights wreath. / copper


    CAKE + RACHELBREAKER merryxmas cake RARE

    MOUTH + RACHELBREAKER clever girl cake

    HORN/HEAD/DRESS + M.BIRDIEstory . X-mas Look 2015 Gacha

    HOUSE + Scarlet Creative Rakkaus Skybox

  • HAIR + +elua+ Fiona

    COAR/KNIT + -Pixicat- Stockholm.Coat



    POSE + Le Poppycock *La Paix* Clarity @TLC

  • LAMP + [NO CONCEPT] wall lamp (heart & spade)

    SNEAKERS + ohayo + xin. chucks + fatpack

  • POSE + [addme.] Pose#054 (posepack)


    COAT/BOOTS + BlankLine WinterGacha

    WinterGacha-Coat (fitted) [Navy]
    Searcher Boots [Black]

    JEANS + BlankLine jeans pants (Fitted) for Boots  [Black]

  • decor ::

    *ionic* Winter is coming Gacha

    A winter dream (cabin) RARE
    Winter Village miniature RARE

    A hot chocolate
    Frosen Bed
    Frozen leaves
    Logs for the long winter
    Small coffee table
    Snowy logs path (curvy)
    Spanish Sweets
    Street Lamps (black)

    wear ::

    JACKET + ::7Style:: Jacket

    JEANS + N-Uno - Mila Jeans // N-2

  • KNIT + -Pixicat- Cozy.Sweater - Christmas

  • DECOR + [NO CONCEPT] Bar tool gacha

    Bar tool1 Shaker set RARE

    Bar tool2 Bar spoon
    Bar tool3 Measure cup
    Bar tool4 Mixing glass
    Bar tool5 Ice pail
    Bar tool6 Boston shaker
    Bar tool7 Baron shaker
    Bar tool8 Ice pick
    Bar tool9 Squeeser
    bar counter couner1
    steel stool(black)
    steel stool(silver)


    KNIT/JEANS/BOOTS + BlankLine WinterGacha

    WinterGacha Sweater (Fitted) [Black B]
    Searcher Boots (Fitted)  [Brown]

    JEANS + BlankLine jeans pants (Fitted) for Boots  [Black]

    @The Mens Dept

    MUFFLER + BlankLine muffler 09-Yellow

  • COAR/KNIT + -Pixicat- Stockholm.Coat

    POSE + [addme.] Pose#053 (posepack)

    HAIR + +elua+ Brenda


    NECKLACE + ASO! Traveling necklace (gold)

  • DECOR + {vespertine}- winter survival kit gacha

    blanket hideout RARE
    pulled out sofa RARE

    bell garland/gold
    bell garland/silver
    frosty snowman
    holiday treats/multi
    holiday treats/natural
    readers comer
    rotary candleholder
    soup de jour
    wooden fireplace
    bed clutter

  • HOUSE + {vespertine} falu woodenhouse / mistletoe

    POSE + [addme.] Pose#053 (posepack)

  • MESHHEAD + *(OO)*YUKI_Muo Mesh Head (Milk)

    EYE + Le Poppycock *Winter Eye* Hot Chocolate

    DRESS/BAG + Belle Epoque - Cozy Winter Gacha RARE A/#5

    POSE + {Imeka} Winy - Pose Pack

  • wear ::

    HAIR + pr!tty - Selena - {Heavy Roots}(HUD Browns)

    KNIT + ::7Style::  Fofis Sweater

    NECKLACE + MINIMAL - Sun Necklace -Gold- RARE

    SKIRT + :V.e. Bridget Leather Mini Charcoal

    BOOTS + :NuDoLu: Chelsea aux chaussettes Fourrure RARE*

    POSE + {Imeka} Winy - Pose Pack

    decor ::

    ARMCHAIR/OTTOMAN/CANDLE + [ zerkalo ] Winter Evening

    HUSKY + xin. husky gacha

    husky basket (sled team starter kit) + RARE
    panouk husky (bad dog)

     -base:champagne b


    KNIT + [Pumpkin]Loose sweater- Blue @TMD

    WATCH + Misdirection #DoubleWrapWatch / beige @TMD

  • DECOR + Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas Gacha

    Reindeer RARE
    Santa Mailbox RARE
    Winter Table RARE

    Angel Cnadles
    Deer Cookies
    Festive Sign
    Frosty's Cafe Sign
    Gran's Gingerbread Recipe
    Greetings Sign
    Heart Plate (green)
    Heart Plate (red)
    My Old Sock
    Reindeer Parking
    Tree Cutout
    Tree Farm Sign
    Upcycled Advend
    Vintage Tin Trees
    Winter Morning

    DRESS + ::C'est la vie !:: Felicia dress (plaid navy*red)

  • DRESS + -Pixicat- Ballerina.Dress RARE

    BALLERINA/BOX + -Pixicat- Ballerina Gacha

    HAIR + tram  E816 hair / amber


    IRON TREE + [MG]star collection

    PANEL TREE + [MG]Panel Christmas tree Black